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Goodbye Mentorships, hello Feedback.

Greater Flexibility

When you've completed a lesson on Learn Squared, upload your Homework, request some Feedback, and we'll get you a professional Feedback video with paintovers and guidance within 7 days. It's that simple. No schedule, no rush. Just great feedback, when you want it.

More Affordable

Only looking for guidance on a specific lesson's assignment? Our new Feedback system enables you to request guidance on whichever lessons you want. Sign up per-lesson, or get Feedback in a bundle to save on the entire learning journey!

Any time, anywhere, and at your own pace. Mentorships required students from around the world to appear for pre-scheduled meetings far outside of their timezone. This new system is time independent, and you're guaranteed high quality Feedback within 7 days!

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* Cost per lesson

Feedback is NOT a Mentorship

Unlike our Mentorships in the past, when you purchase Feedback there is no live session, and there is no call with the artist who will be providing you with Feedback. Your purchase of Feedback does not include access to any course. It is expected that you've already purchased any relevant course(s).

When you purchase Feedback, you will be prompted to provide any additional details or files you'd like the artist to have before they record your Feedback video. As with our Mentorships in the past, you will receive a recorded video with at least 15 minutes of high quality guidance on your submitted artwork, which you can download and watch again whenever you'd like. The final Feedback video you receive will also be published on as Bonus Materials for the course for which it was created.

It is highly recommended that you complete the Homework Assignment before purchasing Feedback, as the 7-day guarantee only applies from the date of purchase. If you do not submit your artwork via the provided form within 24 hours, you may incur a longer wait time for Feedback.

At this time, we're only accepting homework Feedback requests for Vehicle Concept Art, and Feedback will be provided by instructor Pablo Dominguez. Quantity is limited!


Make it perfect before it goes in your portfolio.

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Don't put work into your portfolio that you're not confident about. Get high quality Feedback and make it perfect before you share it!